5 Characteristics that Make a Good Construction Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for planning, organising and directing specific projects. Essentially, a project manager makes sure that projects are on time and on budget. Additionally, they are responsible for how the team works and whether everything gets done. Construction Project Managers differ slightly from other types of project manager for reasons detailed below. Read on and you’ll see the 5 characteristics that make a good construction project manager.

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What is a Project Manager?

Essentially, a project manager is the person who directs and coordinates human and material resources. This lasts throughout the life of a project no matter how big or small. A project manager’s job is to ensure the objectives of the project are met. Objectives such as cost, quality, time, scope and overall satisfaction.

The role of a project manager is very important to the project’s success. Ultimately, they are responsible for handling the project from planning to completion. For this reason, if you’re interested in becoming a project manager, you will need the right skill set. Furthermore, if you’re planning to go into construction, you will need the right qualifications and experience as well.

What is a Project Manager in Construction?

A construction project manager’s role can differ from other types of project management. Comparatively, construction management is more mission-based. This means that the project’s organisation finishes with the end of the project build.

As a result, if you’re a construction project manager, you will obviously need specific knowledge of construction techniques. This is as well as having good leadership skills.

Construction projects are full of highly structured endeavours. Whether it’s building a shopping mall or a single house. In construction, there are a lot of moving parts that need to arrive in the right place. Additionally, there are a lot of people with different roles to play and they all need coordinating.

By the same token, from design to planning to scheduling the build itself, there are different phases in construction management. Each phase requires particular understanding of the design and construction process.

These phases fall into three main categories:

  • Firstly, the Pre-Contract Phase. This is the time when tenders documents are prepared and tenders are sought. This is followed by contract negotiations.
  • Secondly, there is the Contract Execution Phase. Namely the time when the final contract documents are prepared for execution.
  • Thirdly, the Post-Award Phase expressly looks at compliance within the conditions of the contract.

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The 5 Characteristics that a Construction Project Manager Should Have

At McCallums, we believe that a good construction project manager should have these 5 characteristics.

1. Able to manage multiple projects

A good construction project manager can manage multiple projects. With construction, there are many different job roles from contractors to engineers and architects. As well as the different phases to ensure the project runs smoothly. The project manager must be able to deal with them all.

2. A problem solver and delegator

It’s worth remembering that problems arise in any project. From design to planning, a good construction project manager needs to be able to solve the problem quickly. Whether this is personally, or by delegating to another member of the team with the right skills for that particular problem.

The onus is not necessarily on the project manager to come up with the right solution. There may be someone else who can solve it faster.

3. A good leader

Any project manager needs to be a good leader. A leader has many skills. From honesty, integrity and loyalty to flexibility and focus. Ultimately, he or she is responsible for setting the standards for the rest of the team.

Of course, in construction management, this is vital because of the risks involved in any large project build. To say nothing of the responsibility for leading the team on how they act and behave whilst working.

4. Negotiation skills

With strong negotiation skills, project managers can resolve conflicts to ensure the project’s success. On the whole, good negotiation minimises the risks to project objectives. It’s worth repeating that in construction, there can be many risks to a project. Together with a lot of different people to deal with.

5. Communication and presentation skills

With this in mind, being able to communicate clearly and effectively when managing any project or team is a top characteristic.

Generally speaking, Project Managers must be able to communicate and articulate their vision in a way that everyone understands. It’s important that the project manager is able to create strong relationships between workers and managers.

To Conclude: 5 Characteristics that Make a Good Construction Project Manager

To sum up, a good project manager will be able to handle multiple projects and solve problems along the way. It’s imperative that he or she can lead their team with enthusiasm and integrity.

Moreover, a good project manager will need to communicate their ideas easily. In the light of this, they will also have excellent negotiation skills. This helps to ensure the project reaches the end on time and to everyone’s satisfaction. Given these points, there are additional things to consider within construction.

In order to be a good construction project manager, you also need good knowledge of contract law. Alongside this is good knowledge of construction activities and technologies. Certainly, a decent amount of experience always helps.

As has been noted, construction projects have a specific set of objectives and constraints. At McCallums we provide a comprehensive construction management consulting service. We can help you with the initial concept to completing the project.

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