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To ensure the best outcome for your project you need people who know what they are doing every step of the way. We offer experienced construction project management professionals who provide effective leadership and sharp attention to detail.

We provide a comprehensive construction management consulting service. Our consultants possess the engineering and construction experience to provide cost effective solutions to every day challenges that owners, contractors, engineers and architects face throughout the construction process. From the initial concept to project completion we assist out clients in facilitating and co-ordinating the construction progress to mitigate any issues.


In brief, construction project management is the process of managing construction projects. But when you’re talking about managing a construction project in comparison to other types of projects, the distinction is mostly that construction is mission-based. That means that the project’s organization ends with the end of the project build. Construction projects are highly structured endeavors, whether that’s building a shopping mall or a single-dwelling residence. They have a lot of moving parts and people that must be precisely coordinated. Construction project management has phases, from design to planning to scheduling to the build itself. Each of these phases are complicated enough by themselves, but in congress with the whole project, they grow exponentially more complex.

The management of construction projects requires knowledge of modern management as well as an understanding of the design and construction process. Construction projects have a specific set of objectives and constraints such as a required time frame for completion. Project management is the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and participation satisfaction.


Contract management is the process of managing contracts that are made as part of the delivery of a built asset. It involves the creation, analysis and execution of contracts by the parties to those contracts to ensure operational and financial performance is maximised, and risks are minimised.

Contract management can be categorised into three main phases:

  1. Pre-contract phase: Tenders documents are prepared, tenders are sought and contract negotiation is undertaken.
  2. Contract execution phase: The final contract documents are prepared for execution.
  3. Post-award phase: Compliance with conditions of the contract.

Construction contracts typically relate to the supply of goods or services as part of the delivery of a built asset. Traditionally, suppliers might have been considered to be organisations contracted to provide physical supplies such as goods, materials, plant and so on, however, PAS 1192-2 now defines a supplier as any, ‘…provider of services or goods either directly to the employer or to another supplier in a supply chain’. The ‘supply chain’ is the interconnected hierarchy of suppliers.


  • Being able to manage multiple projects
  • Having a good knowledge of construction activities and technologies.
  • A good knowledge of contract law.
  • Good maths and IT skills.
  • Being good at problem-solving.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Communication and presentation skills.


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